My Earliest Memory of School

My earliest memory of school was when I was in pre-k (prekindergarten) and I was about five years old.  I had a small class that was about 15 kids, but the other pre-k class had around 25.  Unfortunately, I was one of the four boys in my class and everywhere I looked there seemed to be girls.  I remember I was extremely scared because of the profuse amount of girls.  The building that I went to was pretty small, and it was seperated into wings.  My wing consisted of two pre-k classes and one kindergarden class.  There was only one bathroom in our wing and it was in the kindergarden room.  I remember that I would try to hold “it” in because I was scared to go into the kindergarden room because all of the kindergardeners seemed so much bigger than me. 

I remember that my pre-k year was the year that I really learned the months of the year and the days of the week.  There was a song that my class would sing every day of the week, and we had a booming calender on one of the walls.    I was never a big fan of nap time, and most of the time I would just sit down and wait for it to be over.  Once during naptime, however, I recall sitting in the classroom and just staring up at the calender.  It would have permanent slots for the days of the month but there was a big sign that said the month and then there would be room around the calender.  In the small space my class would draw pictures of what we thought we were going to do that month.  Pre-k was my earliest memory of school.

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