My Earliest Memory of School

My earliest memory of school was when I was in pre-k (prekindergarten) and I was about five years old.  I had a small class that was about 15 kids, but the other pre-k class had around 25.  Unfortunately, I was one of the four boys in my class and everywhere I looked there seemed to be girls.  I remember I was extremely scared because of the profuse amount of girls.  The building that I went to was pretty small, and it was seperated into wings.  My wing consisted of two pre-k classes and one kindergarden class.  There was only one bathroom in our wing and it was in the kindergarden room.  I remember that I would try to hold “it” in because I was scared to go into the kindergarden room because all of the kindergardeners seemed so much bigger than me. 

I remember that my pre-k year was the year that I really learned the months of the year and the days of the week.  There was a song that my class would sing every day of the week, and we had a booming calender on one of the walls.    I was never a big fan of nap time, and most of the time I would just sit down and wait for it to be over.  Once during naptime, however, I recall sitting in the classroom and just staring up at the calender.  It would have permanent slots for the days of the month but there was a big sign that said the month and then there would be room around the calender.  In the small space my class would draw pictures of what we thought we were going to do that month.  Pre-k was my earliest memory of school.

Technology in Nature

In Upfront, there is an article about having cell phones and gps while your hiking.  In Zion National Park, there are some people who don’t even bring water, but they remember their gps.  In Jackson Hole, there was a hiker who asked for someone to bring him hot chocolate during a hike.  I think both are wrong because those people are abusing they’re resources.  The parks provide maps, so in my opinion a gps device is just extra and unneeded luggage.  I’ve been to the Grand Canyon and before you go on a trail, there are hoses that you can use to fill up your water botttles.  Don’t get me wrong, though.  If I go hiking I do want to have a cell phone close by in case of any emergencies.  It just makes me feel safer.  But as long as people continue to call the rescue team for irrelevant causes, I don’t know what to think.

Armed and Underage

In the October edition of Upfront, the cover story is called “Armed and Underage”.  It is mainly about children being used in war.  These children are being recruited by rebel groups in Africa, Asia, and South America.  After I finished reading the article, I felt horrible that there were children around the world that were being used as soldiers.  Some of them were even younger than me.  It’s tragic that the children who are part of these groups are brainwashed and think it’s alright to fight.  In the story, it also mentioned that some of these children were sold from there parents so that they could have food and/or money.  There was a picture that really stood out to me.  It was a picture of Columbian soldiers.  There were four of them and most of them looked like they were under the age of 25.  It’s bad, but that’s not the reason the picture stuck out to me.  In the front of the four women, there was a little girl, no older that 5.  She was dressed in pink and blue, and had a gun the size of her around her back.  That’s just wrong.  Very, very wrong.


I can not recall a time when I’ve made a real sincere promise, but I have a feeling I will some day.  I don’t know when, but I know that there would be a time.  If I were to make a promise and fulfill it, it would make me pleased and satisfied because I know that I would’ve helped someone out.  But if I weren’t able to live up to it, I would feel really bad, especially if I knew that I could’ve.  I would feel even more terrible if that promise I failed to complete really affected someone or something.

Why we move

Why do people move?  My family moved 10 years ago.  We were living in a small house and in a shaky school system.  Now, my we are living in a bigger house, and a much better school system.  At the time of the move, I was young and our family was growing.  We needed a bigger house that would be able to support us all.  Also, we didn’t feel like we were leaving anything behind because we were currently renting our house and I didn’t have many friends their because I was only a young boy.  I know it wasn’t like that thousands of years ago when the nomadic inuits were living.  They moved because of resources.  They followed their prey.  They built houses (igloos) that they weren’t afraid to leave behind.  That’s why people move.

What does it mean to belong?

What does it mean to belong?  The definition of belong is to be in the relation of a member.  Being a member could be anything.  You could be a member to a sports team, a school club, or a scouts group.  To me, it feels good to belong to a group.  Most people have a comfortable feeling when they are part of a group because they fit in.  I believe that almost anyone can belong to something, even if it is a big group, for instance, a ethnic group.  But then again, there are some moments when it’s not good to belong.  For instance, being part of the Nazi group.  Even though you couldn’t really blame most of them because they were brainwashed to think that way, but still.  And there are also those bad groups at school that the bullies are part of.  Even though it feels good to belong, are some groups worth it?

Pg 17 of Christmas Carol

On pg 17 of A Christmas Carol, the ghost of Jacob Marley says “Mankind was my business.  The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business.”  When I read it, I interpreted it as what The Ghost of Marley does.   He is supposed to make up for what he did not do on earth.  For example, instead of being stubborn and full of malice, Scrooge is supposed to be giving and go at things in a proactive attitude.  Instead of being greedy, Scrooge should be giving and not worry about how much money he has, but what he does with his money.  Also, the spirit means that this has happened to Marley because he was just like Scrooge.  He was selfish, greedy, and cross.  All in all, the lesson learned is that you will always have to make up for what you have done.

Connor on The Giver’s Hypocritical Ideas

Spoiler Alert

My language arts class recently read the book, The Giver.  The books setting is a Utopian society, which everything must be perfect.  After reading the book, an idea popped right into my head.  It was the fact that the society, in which the book is taken place, is extremely hypocritical.  Also, none of the civilians don’t know of this problem (due to a vast amount of euphemisms).  For example, specifically on the topic of “release”, they use the word “release” to establish the idea of leaving the community, though when someone applies for release or is told to be released, they really are just given an injection that kills them instantly.  I’ll stop and let you sit on that for a while.

The Coming Of… Me!

A baby was born years ago.  Not just any baby, I was born.  Until now, the world had been involved in fighting, law transgressions, poverty, and hunger.  Can you tell me how many World Wars we have had in the last thirteen years? Has there been a Great Depression in the last thirteen years?  Any Boston Massacres in the last thirteen years?  Must I continue?  Now welcome, world, place all your hopes and dreams on me.